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Sinocrystal (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd., is a display system designer and manufacturer focusing on

i)           Monochrome Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) & Liquid Crystal Display Module (LCM);

ii)         TFT and display system.

Why Sinocrystal present ??

The company was founded by a team of display professionals who are enthusiastic on LCM and TFT technology. They are all with more than 15 years experience in monochrome LCD and TFT industry design and engineering. They found that there are mainly 2 kinds of LCD manufacturer in the industry:

The first type, also the majority is small to medium size company, they only talk about money, and they use the cheap price as their first and also the last tool to win the business, but provide low quality product and poor technical service to customer.

The second is the giant company who can provide good quality products but with expensive pricing, rigid company policy without flexibility, they have strong engineering and developing ability but poor service to customer and not customer oriented.

For both type of manufacturers, they will totally depends on customer’s design input and make the display, because they think this is the most safe and quickest way to complete the deal, that they no need to take any responsibility in case there is any design problem, because they just follow customer’s design. But they will not use their professional knowledge to tell customer what is the most cost effective and most technically fit solution to the end product during the design stage.

The presence of Sinocrystal, is to provide another choice to LCD user.

What is the difference between Sinocrystal and others ??

We are now a small to medium size company, that we can provide flexible service to fit customer’s need. On the other hand, we have giant manufacturer’s technical ability. And the most important point is we are willing to provide professional sales and technical advises to our customer.  

Sinocrystal is a customer and engineering oriented company, our establishment is to provide customer the excellent technical service since the project development stage. We understand this will cost us a huge engineering resources, but we believe only when the product developed perfectly and customer recognize the worth of our effort and product, then Sinocrystal and our customers will growth mutually.

Our facility

The office and production facilities are strategically located in Shenzhen, in order to capture the main local resources and maintain reasonable operation cost effectiveness. Products are easily transported to PRC different cities, or transported to overseas destination through HK.

We carry a production line of graphic display module that are compatible with other top tier LCD module manufacturer. We have a series of standard character module, graphic module, and we also can custom made any kind of display module to fit individual customer’s unique requirements.

We believe cost efficiency, flexibility, fast response is critical to customer, while product quality is also essential that have to keep. Therefore the facilities are built under a small to medium size in order to have a good balance between above crucial points. Through providing flexible, quality and cost effective solutions to our clients, we seek not only to be their supplier of choice, but also a long term partner.

Our product’s application

Our products can apply in various field of application, like

- Consumer electronics (e.g. calculator, handheld electronic game, digital camera, toys, data bank);

- Equipment (e.g. industrial equipment, transaction machines, sporting equipment, medical equipment, communication, POS).

- Home Appliance (e.g. telephone, fax machines, laser printer, White goods).

Our Vision

By providing valued added service and innovated products, to make liquid crystal display be the critical components in all kinds of applications.


Be the market leader in the industry by offering display solution and system to the market, based on 4 philosophies, quality; innovation; talent and service.


Four strategic drivers create the platform for Sino Crystal to be one of the leaders in the markets in which we compete.

Quality:     The Sinocrystal culture strives for continuous improvement. TQM (Total Quality Management) involves the entire company in a fully integrated effort to raise quality at every single section. We closely monitor each process’s quality effectiveness, analyze and continuously improve

Innovation:  We believe innovation is the fuel for sustained profitability and growth. Our goal of higher technology solution and higher value products will be achieved through innovative product development focused on creating and matching the higher and higher market demand.

Talent:     We continuously investing in talent development and we treat them not as our staff but is our company member. We believe that only the company members can contribute their best to the company and reach mutual success, and Sino Crystal take them as the most valued asset. All the company members, from top management to every individual in the factory, have the passion, skill, and combined intellectual capital to drive us to great position in our industry.

Service:    Technology is aiming at facilitating human beings, the products or solutions are designed for fulfilling human beings’ demands. Besides the functionality and quality of the actual products, the service throughout the business deal is also playing a critical role. We believe fast response, passionate and responsible manner and patiently explanation during the deal are necessary in order to build up long term partnership with our customers.

Contact us today, and discover what we could do as your business partner.

Group Information

Sinocrystal (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd., is the manufacturing facility located in China Shenzhen, responsible for manufacturing, engineering, purchasing and local sales of the group.

SLK Group Ltd., is the sales and logistic office located in HK responsible for overseas sales.

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